Rapid DOG Projekt

The Rapid DOG Project was founded in late 1994 as a XOL DOG 400 spin-off to serve the Berlin publics demand for even harder beats. While XOL DOG 400 is a hard tekkno act with its favorite speed in the 170- 190 bpm sector, Rapid DOG represents the Berlin Gabba / Ultracore tekknostyle with speeds beginning at 220 bpm. Gabba, originally createt as "Gabberhouse" in Rotterdam is the hardest and most extreme form of tekkno (or even music) to date.

The Rapid DOG Project is powered by Soulman, the programmer of XOL DOG 400. While XOL DOG 400 published 2 CDs so far and played live at several raves, many XOL DOG 400 fans complained about XOL DOG 400 beeing too soft. That was the cause to create Rapid DOG.

Rapid DOG proved since its foundation on several gigs that it can serve the most speed-demanding Gabbafan. Rapid DOG powered the 1994/95 and the 1995/96 Sylvesterparty of the Berlin "Bunker", Germanys Temple of Gabba.

Rapid DOG has published the track "Trouble Dagger" on the "Hardcore Membrane Terminator" CD (the compilation with the first Hologram-CD)

In 1995 The Rapid Dog Project published the PONG E.P. (Sometimes also seen as XOL DOGs third CD) The Pong E.P. is a full length (74 Minutes) CD with about 40 Tracks.

Rapid DOG also has some Tracks on the Bunker Beats Compilation "Bunker One" including the infamous 260 BPM Intro of this Compilation titeled "(Am Arsch) die Waldfee"

(Das soll deutscher Text sein?? Weia! Also nochmal kurz: Rapid DOG Projekt ist dat selbe wie XOL DOG 400, nue eben schneller und so.)

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